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JLS Fund: Investments at the Intersection of Psychedelics & Technology

JLS was formed to invest in the exciting intersection of science, technology and neurology, leveraging the enormous potential of plant-based and psychedelic medicines to heal illness and enhance wellness. We focus on the development of drugs for intractable mental and physical conditions and the enabling technology and tools that can accelerate and enhance the delivery of those therapies.


Investments & Advisories



MindMed discovers and develops psychedelics inspired medicines


Gilgamesh is developing the next generation of central nervous system drugs derived from psychedelics

Diamond therapEutics

Diamond Therapeutics develops psilocybin based medicines while mitigating side effects

Micro Systemics

Myco systemics

Myco Systemics' mission is to provide systemic scalable myco-cultivation infrastructure to enable producers to meet the demands of the exploding global mushroom market


Tactogen is a public benefit cooperation whose goal is to make transformative medicines safer, more effective, and more accessible


Mindleap's integration coaches help you to understand and embody the most important parts of your Psychedelic trip, allowing you to create lasting personal transformation.

atai life sciences

ATAI is committed to developing more effective and potentially disease-modifying mental health treatments by researching both psychedelic and non-psychedelic compounds.

Universal Ibogaine

universal ibogaine

Universal Ibogaine's mission is to bring proven Ibogaine based clinical treatment protocol to the world and help solve the international opioid crisis

Good Cap Logo


GoodCap is developing effective mushroom-based treatments that open new pathways to a healthier future.



Gwella's focus is on developing transformative consumer brands, products and technologies aimed at elevating people's health and wellbeing.


Lucid News provides informed, honest and transparent journalism that covers the growing integration of psychedelics into society and their broad implications for human wellness.


Orthogonal's mission is to give people access to nature’s most effective health solutions while setting the standard of a new “Farma”: Food as Medicine.

double blind


A digital media company covering psychedelics and all they intersect with, from healthcare disparities to the climate crisis

Wesana logo



A life sciences company whose mission is to treat traumatic brain injury and other mental health ailments using psilocybin and other natural therapies.

Maya health logo


Psychedelic Therapy Software & Management.

Awakn life sciences logo


Awakn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company with clinical operations researching, developing, and delivering psychedelic new chemical entity drugs and therapies to treat Addiction.

Tripp logo


TRIPP is an award-winning breakthrough wellness platform.

Psilera Bioscience logo

Psilera Bioscience

Psilera is reimagining psychoactive natural products as building blocks for the next generation of neurological therapeutics.

Meet the team

Lindsay Hoover
Managing partner
jefferey siegel
Partner & Investor Relations
simeon schanpper
Managing partner
Michael Gruber headshot
Michael Gruber
Managing Partner
walter greenleaf
David Hirsch
David Hirsch
Ethan Nadelmann
Ethan Nadelmann
Pickard Headshot
Leonard Pickard

Upcoming Events

ACG New York: Family Officer & Limited Partner Series

October 6, 2022
Simeon Schnapper will be speaking at ACG New York Family Officer & Limited Partner Series. The networking event invites investors to seek new industries and discover unique platforms for diversifying and growing their portfolios.

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Trailblazers Ojai 2022

October 10-12, 2022
Simeon Schnapper will be speaking at Trailblazers Ojai 2022. The event will feature 200 executives, leading investors, and influential change-makers within the cannabis and hemp industry. Be sure to use our special JLS discount code JLS250 at checkout.

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Horizons: The Psychedelic Business Forum

October 12-16, 2022
Lindsay Hoover will be speaking at Horizons: The Psychedelic Business Forum on October 13, 2022. The annual conference week in New York City is the largest and longest-running annual gathering of the psychedelic community in the world. Be sure to use our special discount code JLS-NY-15 at checkout.

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Microdose Miami 2022

November 3-5, 2022
A bunch of us from JLS will be there. More details coming soon.

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reMind Psychedelics Business Conference

November 15, 2022
Simeon Schnapper will be speaking. More details coming soon.

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Convergence Psychedelics Conference

March 30 - April 2, 2023
JLS Fund’s Lindsay Hoover will be speaking at the Convergence Psychedelics Conference in Los Angeles. She’ll be joined by Hamilton Morris and Dr. Carl Hart, among others. And as a bonus, we’ve created a promo code INSIDERCONV10 (10% off any ticket type).

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Recent Events

Wonderland: Miami

Lindsay Hoover presented at a panel entitled: Psychedelic Capital Live.

Senior Advisor to JLS Fund, Leonard Pickard and Regulatory Affairs Advisor Ethan Nadelmann spoke on the Pathway to Federal Acceptance panel.

Press Release
Wonderland Miami Microdose Conference Nov 8-9, 2021Lindsay Hoover Wonderland Miami Nov 8-9, 2021William Leonard Pickard Wonderland Miami, Nov 8-9 2021Ethan Nadelmann Wonderland Miami: Nov 8-9 2021


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Can Psychedelics Therapy Training Become A Profitable Business? We Asked Industry Insiders

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Business insider

Investors share why they're passing on Oregon's magic mushroom market.

forbes logo

Toronto Star

He was the Canadian head of the world’s largest pot company. His next big bet? A rare fungus worth thousands a kilogram.

forbes logo


Will Psychedelics Continue To Grow In 2021? Jeff Siegel Shares Insights And Strategies As More Companies Go Public

forbes logo


Why Would Anyone Invest In The Psychedelics Medicine Market?

Psilocybin Alpha

psilocybin alpha

Interview with Simeon Schnapper, Managing Partner of JLS

forbes logo


Why Investors Are Bullish About Psychedelics

forbes logo

Psychedelic Finance

Interview with Jeff Siegel, Managing Partner of JLS Fund

Terpenes and Testing

terpenes and testing

Ibogaine: The ‘Strange Kind of Drug’ for Transcending Addiction



Psychedelics Replace Pot as the New Favorite Edgy Investment

forbes logo


Why The Psychedelics Market Is NOT Cannabis 2.0

Business Insider

business insider

Investors are pouring millions into startups that are developing magic mushrooms as medications for conditions like depression and PTSD

Business Insider

Business Insider

Meet the top 14 psychedelics startups raising the most cash to develop new ways of treating depression, addiction, and more

Green Market Report

green market report

Psychedelic Industry Continues To Draw Millions In Investments

Speaking & Panel Appearances


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Simeon Schnapper on the tensions between philanthropic and for-profit investment, and the challenges and opportunities of this explosive new sector.

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ICPR 2022

Simeon Schnapper spoke on a panel discussing the intersection of psychedelic research, treatments, and investment

forbes logo

the psychedelic assembly

Lindsay Hoover and Senior Advisor to JLS Fund, Leonard Pickard

forbes logo

European Ibogaine Forum

Political Importance of Ibogaine Development with Rick Doblin, JLS' Simeon Schnapper, and Daniel Callahan

forbes logo


Simeon Schnapper and Lindsay Hoover discuss investing in the psychedelic space and the developing ecosystem of this emerging industry.

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Women in Psychedelics Network

With Lindsay Hoover

forbes logo

Trailblazers NYC

Revealing the Mind: The Promise & Opportunity of Psychedelics with Simeon Schnapper

forbes logo

psychedelics today

Lindsay Hoover speaks on Consolidation in the Psychedelics Industry: What to Expect

forbes logo

Cato Institute

William Leonard Pickard and Caleb O. Brown discuss promise and pitfalls in taking psychedelic medicine mainstream.

forbes logo

Benzinga psychedelics capital conference

Lindsay Hoover on differentiating opportunities between private & public companies

forbes logo


Jeff Siegel on investing in the future of mental healthcare: psychedelics as an asset class

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Trailblazers Ojai

Revolutionizing Healing Through Psychedelic Medicine with Simeon Schnapper

Singularity University

Singularity U

Simeon Schnapper in Singularity U's first ever panel on psychedelics!

The Psychedelics Society

The Psychedelics Society

Psychedelics Roundtable with Simeon Schnapper of JLS Fund

Gravity Podcast

Gravity Podcast

Psychedelic Philanthropy with Simeon Schnapper of JLS Fund

Small Cap Conference

Benzinga Small Cap Conference

Simeon Schnapper moderates a panel on addressing mental health through emerging therapies.

Gravity Podcast

Gravity Podcast

Simeon Schnapper of JLS Fund

2021 Games for Change Festival July 12-14

Games for Change Festival

Lindsay Hoover of JLS Fund: Psychedelics as Therapeutics: The Contribution of Game Heuristics

The Green Rush

the green rush

Lindsay Hoover and Simeon Schnapper, Managing Partners of JLS Fund



Understanding The Psychedelic Medicine Industry: Q&A with Kevin O'Leary and JR Rahn



Watch Simeon Schnapper on Pysched, the show that explores psychedelics through political, social, and economic perspectives.

Moderated Conferences


Moderated by Simeon Schnapper

CEO Panel #1: Srinivas Rao MD, PhD- (ATAI) Payton Nyquvest (Numinus), Judy Blumstock (Diamond Therapeutics) Shlomi Raz (Eleusis), Ronan Levy (FieldTrip)

CEO Panel #2: Jackee Stang (Delic), Todd Shapiro (Red Light Holland), Jonathan Sporn MD (Gilgamesh), Martijn Schirp (Synthesis)

The Mushroom: Paul Stamets (Simeon’s hero), Gary Costner (Mycosystemics), David Kurth (Sporing Company), Eric Osborne (MycoMeditations), Dr K Mandrake (Psilocybin Mushroom Bible)

Venture Capital & Funding: Robert Laurie (MAPS), Florian Brand (ATAI), Mark Hazan (Tabula Rasa) Matthew Nordgren (Arcadian Fund), Bek Muslimov (Leafly Tunnel), Richard Skaife (TCF VC)


Know Thyself: Psychedelics & Spirituality

Moderated by Simeon Schnapper

• The State and Future of Psychedelic Therapist Training with Elizabeth M. Nielson, PhD
• MDMA and Transformative Psychedelic Therapy with Dr. Rick Doblin
• MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy: Beyond Symptom Reduction with Dr. Ingmar Gorman
• Healing What Divides Within with Dr. Willa Hall
• PANEL Q&A: MDMA Therapy with Dr. Hall & Dr. Gorman
• MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy & Social Anxiety Disorder with Dr. Jason Luoma
• MDMA for Couples Therapy Love & Connection Love and connection with Dr. Anne Wagner
• PANEL Q&A: MDMA Therapy with Dr. Luoma & Dr. Wagner
• The Future of MDMA-Assisted Therapy & Availability Dr. Corine de Boer
• Use of Natural Mind-Altering Substances: Cannabis with Dr. Darryl Hudson
• Psychedelics and Depression with Dr. Xiaojue Hu

All proceeds benefit the Tibet House.

Tibet House logo


Moderator: Simeon Schnapper

Addressing Mental Health Through Emerging Therapies" Panel

Panelists: Dr. Joseph Tucker, CEO, Enveric; Yaron Conforti, CEO, Novamind; Doug Drysdale, CEO, Cybin; Rob Barrow, CEO, MindMed

Benzinga Logo

The National Cannabis Festival

Moderator: Simeon Schnapper

Psychedelics: The Next Frontier for Legalization

Panelists: Mellisa Lavasani, Founder of Plant Medicine Coalition and Proposer of Washington DC’s successful 2020 ballot measure Initiative 81, the Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act.

National Cannabis Festival

Trailblazers: Sedona

May 2022

- Fireside Chat with Simeon Schnapper and Leonard Pickard
- The Investor State of Mind - WTF is happening?- with Michael Gruber
- Invest In The Future Of Medicine - The Psychedelic Investment Opportunity- with Lindsay Hoover

Trail Blazers

Capital Psychedelic Conference

June 7, 2022

- JLS moderated a panel on alternative medicine and harm reduction featuring government officials and industry experts.

Capital Psychedelic Coalition Event

Trailblazers NYC 2022

Moderated by Simeon Schnapper

Revealing The Mind: The Promise + Opportunity of Psychedelics

Panelists: Simeon Schnapper, Sutton King, Hadas Alterman, Liana Gillooly


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