This Week in Psychedelics

New research indicates psychedelics can reduce opioid use by 55%. And microdosing is in the spotlight of a new study by MindMed.

January 10, 2021

This Week...

Virginia representative Dawn Adams recently said that she thinks it's time for psychedelic treatments to be available for those who need them. She made this statement at a recent Decriminalize Nature event where she was joined by another advocate of psychedelics policy reform, Senator Ghazala Hashmi. Here’s more:

Mydecine Innovations (NEO: MYCO) (OTCBB: MYCOF) announced that it completed a C$5.5 million private placement, which will be used to help the company continue its progress regarding its R&D efforts, technology initiatives, and clinical trials. This influx of capital will also give the company the necessary runway to launch its smoking cessation study in partnership with Johns Hopkins University. Click here for more:

M.A.P.S. announced a new special purpose vehicle with Vine Ventures that will infuse $70 million into psychedelic-assisted therapy and access in exchange for a share of MDMA revenue once it becomes legal. Here’s more:

Did You Know?

Did you know there’s a connection between LSD and COVID-19 testing?

The technique used to analyze whether or not someone has the pathogen that causes COVID-19 is called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). When accurate, PCR can help confirm positive cases.

The man who invented PCR, biochemist Kary Mullis, revealed to Albert Hoffman that his use of LSD was a major contributing factor for the development of PCR.