This Week in Psychedelics

Our portfolio company, Psilera, makes waves in Tampa Bay with its dementia treatment.

April 12, 2024

This Week...

Maine lawmakers sent a bill to the governor that would establish a commission tasked with studying and making recommendations on regulating access to psychedelic services. It would specifically examine how to create a “legal framework for the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs, including, but not limited to psilocybin.”

Days after the Senate approved the legislation, the House passed it on a voice vote on Tuesday, sending it to the desk of Gov. Janet Mills. Here’s more:

A new study released in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences indicates that a psilocybin pulse regimen can reduce cluster headache attack frequency. According to researchers, this study shows a significant reduction in cluster attack frequency in a repeat round of pulse psilocybin administration and suggests that prior response may not predict the effect of repeated treatment. Check it out:

Psilera, one of our favorite portfolio companies, was featured in a special news segment on Spectrum News in Tampa, FL. In it, CEO Dr. Chris Witowski and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jackie von Salm, shared the company’s mission, goals, and details on its lead compound, PSIL-006, which is designed to treat Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). If you’re unfamiliar, FTD is a debilitating disorder that leads to progressive cognitive decline, personality changes, and impaired social behavior. It typically affects individuals as young as 40 years old, causing significant distress to patients and their families.

You can check out the special feature on Psilera here:–

Did You Know?

Did you know that some golfers in Oregon are now using psilocybin in an effort to increase performance?

Two golf courses in the Juniper Preserve are now allowing golfers to use psilocybin before playing.  Under the watchful eye of wellness director Melissa Sanchez and state facilitators, golfers can take the psilocybin one hour before hitting the course.

It should be noted that Sanchez is also working with neuroscientist Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris on a study that will test the effect of microdosing on performance.  Here’s more: