This Week in Psychedelics

Could psychedelics help treat ALS? Plus North Carolina creates a grant for psychedelic research and Clearmind Medicine to begin new study.

May 19, 2023

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Can psychedelic-assisted therapy serve as an effective treatment for ALS? Researchers, who published a new study in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, conducted a narrative review to examine the potential of psychedelic assisted-psychotherapy to alleviate psychiatric and psychospiritual distress in patients with ALS. They also discussed the safety of using psychedelics in this population and proposed putative neurobiological mechanisms that may therapeutically intervene in ALS neuropathology. Here’s more:

Clearmind Medicine Inc., a biotech company focused on discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve major under-treated health problems, received Ethics Committee approval from Israel’s IMCA center for its CM-CMND-001 Phase I/II clinical trial of its MEAI-based CMND-100 compound for the treatment of alcohol use disorder.  

MEAI is a psychedelic compound that came to market during a late 2010s movement to replace alcohol with less-toxic alternatives, spearheaded by the famed neuropsychopharmacologist, Dr. David Nutt.

Ethics Committee approval of the study allows the company to move forward with the first-in-human clinical trial of CMND-100. Check it out:

A North Carolina House committee approved a bill to create a $5 million grant program to support research into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and MDMA and to create a Breakthrough Therapies Research Advisory Board to oversee the effort.

The measure wouldn’t legalize psychedelics, but it would provide funding for two competitive grants through the state Department of Health and Human Services for eligible research initiatives focused on “breakthrough therapies.” Here’s more:

Did You Know?

Did you know that red harvester ants played a central role as vision-inducing agents in the religious and medical systems of many indigenous groups in southern and south-central California?

The ants (of the genus Pogonomyrmex) were ingested alive in massive quantities in order to induce prolonged catatonic states, during which hallucinogenic visions were reported to manifest. They also played an important role in both curative and preventative medicine, treating a diverse body of natural and supernatural ailments. Check it out: