This Week in Psychedelics

Tryp Therapeutics doses first patient in clinical trial for treating Binge Eating Disorder. Wesana takes the stage at Benzinga Conference.

April 29, 2022

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Tryp Therapeutics (CSE: TRYP) (OTCQB: TRYPF) announced that the first patient has been dosed in the Company's Phase II clinical trial for its lead candidate, TRP-8802. In combination with psychotherapy, TRP-8802 is intended to serve as a potential treatment of Binge Eating Disorder. Here’s more:

Daniel Carcillo, CEO of Wesana Health, recently took to the stage at the Benzinga Psychedelics Conference to speak about how Wesana is using psychedelics to tackle traumatic brain injury.  You can watch the video of his presentation here:

How important is a guide who has taken psilocybin in psilocybin-assisted therapy for depression? A new study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs answers that question.  Check it out:

Did You Know?

Did you know that, before the 20th century, the ritual use of psychedelics was common in Siberia?

As Alison Betts writes in The Routledge Companion to Ecstatic Experience in the Ancient World, “From as early as the mid-1500s up to the late nineteenth century, travelers penetrating the forests and tundra of Siberia reported remarkable social phenomena.” Shamans in the area used the hallucinogenic mushroom fly agaric to communicate with the spirit world, entering a trance state to learn the cause of their patient’s troubles before driving the evil spirits out.

Reindeers have apparently kept up the tradition of eating fly agaric, and the use of magic mushrooms by Siberians may even be the origin of Santa’s flying reindeer.

You can read more about it here.